Vocal Reviews

What is a vocal review?

New members will sing a short, unaccompanied piece of music to our musical director, Jim Cooke. He will listen to the tone of your voice. He will then ask you to sing up and down a scale so that he can hear your range. This will happen in private, not in front of other choir members.

What is the point of a vocal review if you don’t have auditions?

The tone and range of your voice affects which section you are in (soprano, alto, tenor or bass). Your position in the section (in the firsts or seconds; in the middle or at the end of the row) also depends on your range and tone. You will be placed where your individual voice is best-suited for you to manage the part you sing, and to produce the best overall balance of voices in the choir.

The musical director’s decision is final.

What should you sing?

Some people have a favourite piece of music. Some just sing a song they know or like. A simple hymn or folk song is fine. You will sing without accompaniment and might not complete the whole piece. Often, only a verse or two is needed.

If you have any questions about vocal reviews, please speak to Julie Jones, chairperson, or send an email.